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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Saadia Z. Yunus is a licensed marriage and family therapist, trauma specialist, EMDR Trained, relationship and personal development coach, motivational speaker, and community leader. She earned her Masters degree in marriage and family therapy summa cum laude from Hofstra University in New York. She has 10+ years of experience working with individuals, couples, families, and groups. Her passion is to engage with people on a personal level to uplift them into discovering the best version of themselves. In addition to therapy, she achieves this through motivational and trauma-informed presentations and workshops throughout the country.

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Saadia Z. Yunus owns a private practice on Long Island, NY and offers online therapy to anyone in the states of NY and FL. She is a relationship and personal development coach and offers these services to anyone all over the world. She serves on the advisory board of Dolan Family Health Center, the board of directors of the NY Marriage and Family Therapy Network, the board of the Association of Mental Health and Wellness, and the board of the national men’s mental health organization, The Barbershop Group. She is also the co-founder and chair of The Muslim Women of Long Island (MWLI), a 501c3 organization.  Saadia Yunus was raised in Bonifay, Florida and currently resides on Long Island, NY with her husband and four children.


She has an active social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.  You can learn more about her at 

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