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Use your voice, it’s your power.

There are times when you can feel stuck, like something inside of you cannot find its way out. There are words trapped and the body is taking notice. No longer.

Refuse to let your words remain within. Give yourself permission to use your voice. It is one of your most powerful tools. It lets you stand your ground and outline your boundaries. Your voice communicates to the world that you deserve respect and will not tolerate disrespect.

Remind yourself of these phrases:

“I will not stay quiet when I know I should speak up.”

“I will not say yes when I want to say no.”

“I will take time to decide what I need, and use my voice to let the others know.”

There might be times of doubt where you question if speaking up was the right thing to do. It might have been so long since you have spoken your truth that it feels strange. Do not let it stop you from pushing forward and speaking up again.

The more you stand in your power, the greater your voice grows in strength and confidence. Use your voice.

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