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Mountains Meet Lake


I very much appreciate all of the things you post on your Facebook page.  I want to share it with so many people.  Thank you for directing people toward encouragement, mobilization, and leading them in the right way.  Thank you for being present all the time.


I'm not sure how to thank you.  You really encouraged me to focus on myself and helped me believe that I am strong when all I could see was my weakness.  I pray for myself that I can continue to work through this and come out an even stronger person.


I would like to say that you, Saadia Yunus, are to me a shiny star that actually lit my path. I truly believe God placed so many blessings in you and our meetings that just the sight of you brought me comfort. A comfort that I have actually been thriving on since our first meeting. So, thank you. I am very grateful for you.


We contacted Saadia Yunus when my sister was going through a very difficult time in her life... including family/marital issues and hospitalization for several weeks at the time. Despite her busy schedule, Saadia promptly made time to see us. She was there to listen to my sister. She helped her realize that her situation was not the end of the world, and that there was hope and that she would be fine. She offered lots of encouragement and support on an ongoing basis, and gave my sister practical advice on how she could begin to collect herself and move on to bigger and better things in her life.
Saadia was really able to resonate with my sister and played a key role in her recovery. At first, my sister met with Saadia once per week. As her condition continued to improve, she was able to significantly reduce the frequency of the sessions.
Saadia is a true professional in her work. Besides everything else, she was very punctual with appointments and her office was a comfortable & private space to talk. It was a blessing that we were able to get referred to her via a friend and get her support at a critical time.
We would highly recommend contacting Saadia to anyone in need of the services which she provides.

Thank you for submitting your testimonial! We appreciate you and your thoughts!

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